How to Exit Your Company With Maximum Value in the Future (and Accelerate Company Growth Today!) – Part 4

Over the past few blog posts, we’ve looked at how to build the groundwork for your exit strategy – accelerating company growth, outperforming the competition, and building a business that buyers and investors want to buy into. Now, it’s the final piece of the puzzle – exiting the company with maximum value.

Have you consistently hit your targets?

If you’ve been building a company that uses data to its advantages since day one, you will also have access to huge amounts of statistics that shows how you’ve hit your targets and goals – and even outperformed them – since the start. If you’ve consistently been hitting your targets, then you will be in an ideal position to exit the company with maximum value.

Are you growing?

Growth is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle when it comes to exiting your company with your head held high. It is what potential investors and buyers want to see – not a ceiling, but a sky. Often when the prospect of an exit or a buyout starts to loom, companies start cutting corners in an effort to boost efficiency – but this harms growth numbers in terms of new customers or clients. Growth is what investors are looking for – it’s the potential of growing beyond their initial investment that makes them keen.

Have you got a strong and positive brand?

Positivity brings confidence. Confidence brings a higher valuation. This is tied deeply into company growth, but if you have a brand that is strong and positive – both as a company and personally – then you will find investors and buyers more willing to engage with potential acquisitions. Not only that, but a great personal brand will serve you well for the future, should you decide to start another company, with great opportunities simply more likely to come your way by virtue of your network’s knowledge of your abilities.

Who is going to stick around after you close the door?

I’ve mentioned this before briefly in this series of blog posts, but building a ship that only the captain knows how to sail is a recipe for disaster in the long-term. Whether you decide to stay in an advisory role or leave entirely, bringing in a great management team, a great team of C-suite executives,  and great advisors lets buyers know you’re serious about the company’s future. Investing in your startups board also ensures that your company’s future is safe and secure beyond the captain’s presence. Thus, any potential purchases will also have access to a great team. Not only that, but the expertise and brilliance available in the company already means that the potential tumults of any exits will be steadied by a great team around you.

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